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This is an IC RPH run by two people (Shawn and Gus). Situations will be handled in character and sometimes that may come across as cocky or self involved. This is not the feelings of those playing Shawn and Gus, but how the canon characters are portrayed. We mean no offense.
Female Names and Meanings

This is a collection of the most popular female names from 2001-2012 and their meanings. (no guarantee on how accurate the meanings are since many conflicted!)

Aaliyah - rising, ascending

Abby - father of exaltation

Abigail - father of exaltation

Addison - son of Adam

Adele - nobel

Adeline - nobel

Adrianna - from Hadria

Ainsley - only hermitage wood or clearing

Alana - precious, awakening

Alexa - man’s defender, nobel

Alexis - defender

Alice - nobel, exalted

Alissa/Alyssa - nobel, exalted

Allison - nobel, exalted

Amber - ambergris

Amelia/Emlila - amiable

Amy - beloved

Angelina - messenger; messenger of God

Anna - He (God) has favored me

Annabelle - He (God) has favored me

Annalise - graced with God’s bounty

Aria - lioness

Arianna - most holy; silver

Ashley - ash meadow

Ashlyn - dream

Aubrey - elf or magical being, power

Audrey - nobel strength

Aurora - dawn

Autumn - season of harvest

Ava - life or serpent

Avery - counselor; sage; wise

Bailey - berry clearing; bailiff; city fortification

Bianca - white, pure

Brianna - high, noble, exalted

Brooke - water, small stream

Brooklyn - water, small stream

Cade - pure

Cadence - with rhythm

Cailyn/Kailyn - girl; pure

Callie - beautiful, lovely

Catherine - pure

Chloe - green shoot

Charlotte - free man

Claire - bright, famous

Clara - clear; bright; famous

Cora - maiden

Dakota - friend, ally

Delilah - delicate, weak, languishing

Eden - place of pleasure

Elise - consecrated to God

Elizabeth - God’s promise; God is my oath

Ella - other, foreign

Eloise - famous warrior

Emily - rival; laborious; eager

Emma - entire, universal

Erin - Ireland

Eva - life, animal

Evelyn - from “avis” meaning bird

Faith - loyalty; belief

Fiona - white, fair

Gabrielle - heroine of God

Gemma - jewel

Grace - favor, blessing

Hadley - field of heather

Hannah - He (God) has favored me

Harper - harpist, minstrel

Hayley - hay meadow

Hazel - commander

Isabella - God’s promise; God is my oath

Isabelle/Isabel - God’s promise; God is my oath

Isla - Scottish river

Ivy - from the ivy plant

Jade - precious stone

Jasmine - the jasmine plant

Jayden/Jaden - precious stone

Jessica - He sees

Jocelyn - a member of the German tribe, the Gauts

Josephine - may Jehovah add

Julia - youthful

Julianna - youthful; Jove’s child

Juliet - youthful; Jove’s child

Kayla - slim and fair

Kaylee - slender

Keira - black; lord

Kylie - graceful

Lauren - the bay, or laurel plant

Layla - night beauty

Leah - delicate; weary

Lily - innocence and purity

Lorelei - murmuring rock

Lucy - light

Luna - moon

Mackenzie - fire-born, son of the wise ruler

Madeline - woman from Magdala

Madison - son of the mighty warrior

Makayla - who resembles God?

Maya - dream, illusion

Megan - pearl

Mia - who resembles God?

Mila - emulating

Naomi - beautiful, pleasant, delightful

Natalie - birthday

Nicole - people of victory

Nora - light

Oliva - olive tree

Paige - young servant

Payton - noble

Quinn - counsel

Rachel - ewe, female sheep

Reagan/Regan - regal

Reese - enthusiasm

Riley - courageous

Sabrina - a Welsh river name

Sadie - princess

Samantha - God heard, flower

Sarah - princess

Savannah - treeless plain

Scarlett - red

Sienna - reddish orange-brown

Skylar - fugitive

Sophia/Sofia - wisdom

Stella - star

Sydney - wise island

Taylor - tailor, to cut

Victoria - victory

Violet - purple

Willow - slender; graceful

Zoe - life

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