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This is an IC RPH run by two people (Shawn and Gus). Situations will be handled in character and sometimes that may come across as cocky or self involved. This is not the feelings of those playing Shawn and Gus, but how the canon characters are portrayed. We mean no offense.
Male Names and Meanings

This is a collection of the most popular male names from 2001-2012 and their meanings. (no guarantee on how accurate the meanings are since many conflicted!)

Aaron - strong
Adam - man
Adrian - of Adria 
Aidan - little fire, ardent
Alexander - protector of men
Andrew - manly and strong
Anthony - highly praiseworthy
Archer - bowman
Asher - happy
Ashton - ash tree town
Atticus - from Athens
August - great, magnificent
Austin - great, magnificent
Benjamin - son of the right hand
Bentley - bent grass meadow
Blaine - yellow
Blake - black; pale, white
Braden - descendant of Bradán
Brady - descendant of Brádach, large-chested
Brandon - broom, gorse hill
Brian - high, nobel, strength
Brody - ditch (possibly brother in Irish)
Caleb/Kaleb - faith, devotion, whole hearted
Camden - winding valley
Cameron - crooked nose/hill/stream
Carson - son of the marsh-dwellers
Carter - one who transports goods
Cayden - companion
Chase - huntsman
Christian - follower of Christ
Christopher - bearing Christ
Cole - swarthy, coal-black, charcoal
Colin - young creature
Colton - swarthy person; coal town or settlement
Connor - hound-lover
Cooper - barrel maker
Daniel - God is my judge
David - beloved
Declan - from the Irish saint Declán mac Eircc
Dominic - lord
Dylan - son of the sea
Easton - east settlement, possibly island of stones; magical power; noble power
Eli - high
Elijah - the Lord is my God
Emmett - universal
Ethan - firmness, long-lived
Evan - God is gracious
Everett - brave, strong boar
Ezra - helper
Felix - happyfortunate
Finn/Fynn - fair
Gabriel - God’s able-bodied one; hero of God
Gage - pledge, oath
Garrett/Garret - gentle
Gavin - white falcon, little falcon
Graham - gravel area; gray homestead
Grayson - son of the gray-haired man
Harrison - son of harry
Hayden - hedged valley
Henry - home ruler
Holden - deep valley
Hudson - son of hugh
Hunter - hunter, pursuer
Ian - God is gracious
Isaac - laughter
Isaiah - salvation of God; the Lord helps me
Jack - he who supplants
Jackson - son of jack
Jacob -  he who supplants
James - he who supplants
Jared - descending
Jason - healer; the Lord is salvation
Jayden - thankful; God will judge
Joel - Jehovah is the Lord
John - God is gracious
Jonah - dove, peace
Jordan - down-flowing
Joseph - Jehovah increases
Joshua - Jehovah is salvation
Julian - Jove’s child
Justin - just, upright, righteous
Keegan - small flame; ardent
Kyle - narrow, straight
Landon - long hill
Leo - lion
Liam - will helmet, protection
Lincoln - lake colony
Logan - hollow
Luca - from Lucanus
Lucas - from Lucanus
Luke - from Lucanus
Maddox - benefactor’s son
Mason - one who works with stone
Matthew - gift of God
Max - greatest
Micah - who resembles God?
Michael - who resembles God?
Miles - soldier, or merciful
Morgan - circling sea
Nathan - God has given
Nathaniel - God has given
Nicolas - people of victory
Noah - peaceful, long-lived
Nolan - champion
Oliver - olive tree
Owen - born of yew; youth
Parker - park keeper
Preston - priest’s town
Rhys/Reese - enthusiasm
Riley - rye clearing
Ryan - king
Ryder - horseman, rider
Samuel - God heard
Sawyer - wood-worker
Sean - God is gracious
Sebastian - revered
Seth - set, appointed
Silas - forest, woods
Spencer - dispenser of provisions
Teagan - attractive; poet, philosopher
Thomas - twin
Tristan - sad
Tyler - a worker in roof tiles
William - will helmet, protection
Wyatt - war, strength
Xander - man’s defender
Xavier - new house
Zachary - the Lord recalled

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